Experience zero downtime when you migrate apps using Application Migration

Experience zero downtime when you use Application Migration to migrate Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service, and Oracle Analytics Cloud – Classic applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Application Migration injects the SSH-key on to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic instance, which hosts the application you want to migrate, without shutting down the instance. As you don’t have to shut down and reboot instances in the source environment, your production instances continue to be available even while you migrate your instance to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Application Migration performs the following actions:

  1. Connects to a specified Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic source environment and authenticates with that source environment using the specified credentials.
  2. Displays a list of applications that can be migrated from the source environment. You can select the application that you want to migrate.
  3. Discovers the artifacts and configuration of the application selected for migration. You can configure this application and provide details required for the application to be set up in the target environment. When the configuration is complete, you can start the migration.
  4. Launches a service instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host the migrated application.
  5. Deploys the exported artifacts and specified configuration on the target instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

When you’re satisfied that your application has been successfully migrated and works as expected, you can delete the corresponding application and associated resources in the source environment. Remember that if the migration results in any application-specific changes such as changes in IP addresses or DNS names, then you might need to update objects that reference those resources.


If you’re migrating your applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Application Migration, follow these tasks as a guide.

Complete the prerequisitesComplete all the prerequisites in the source environment and gather the required information about the source environment.
Create a source in Application MigrationSource refers to the source environment from which the application is migrated. The information that you provide while creating a source is used to discover the applications that you can migrate from the source environment.
List applicationsAfter creating a source, view the applications that you can migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. From the listed applications, select the application that you want to migrate.
Create a migration in Application Migration.Migration represents the end-to-end workflow of moving an application from a source environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Start the migrationApplication Migration creates an instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure based on the configuration information you provide. After creating the instance, Application Migration exports application artifacts and its dependencies to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
Complete the post-migration tasksAfter migrating the application, complete any post-migration tasks that are required for your application.

For more information : https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/application-migration/appmigrationoverview.htm#Overview_of_Application_Migration

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